Sunday, May 18, 2008

Congrats to me. 100 posts!

Not much to write about except the fact that Killian, Dana and Alex all passed their captain's exams today and are legally allowed to drive us around the world in boats!!! One of these days I should take that test. Good job boys. In other news... like I said... the rumor mill upped production and from Mango and I hanging out one day we are now supposedly engaged! hahahhaha! fuckin great. no matter, we have another "date" tomorrow night to watch the beach movie on water island. I will take pics. should be good. its a movie called emerald forest about the rain forests in brazil and i feel like i have typed that before... hmmm..... well i gotta get to sleep and rest up for tomorrow. HANG IN THERE MARIA life will be so amazing when you get back to mexico, it will all be worth it in the end.


  1. thats Mango and Dwayne my neighbor! I love my life!!! :)

  2. I love your life, too.
    I can't believe I'm reading other blogs to get my kicks these days. Never used to do that before.
    Now I know why folks used to read me.
    Wish I was you.
    Or your boots.
    I love those boots.
    I'd even be your snorkle mask.
    Okay, an impeller, I would rather be an impeller than a teacher in Japina.

  3. Hehehe my boots rock... if you only knew what my boots know....

  4. Then your boots and my boots would have heaps to talk about.
    Gah, those were the days. Now I'm back in shagless Japan with a bunch of passionless hardworkers everywhere I turn.

  5. blah. just come visit me for a few days!