Thursday, May 22, 2008

On forced paid vacation.

Gets really mooring. This being slow season and all, I am trying to find things to do for free, and now that I have "broken" my new friend with a dingy's "heart", I have no way to buzz around the islands and socialize for cheap cheep cheep! Instead I have spent 16 dollars on taxi's to and from Magen's bay tuesday, 4 dollars on safari yesterday to get to the marina where I tried to pick up my paycheck but sadly there was no one in la oficina. But the trip wasn't for nothing, on my hike back up the gravel road to the main road the manager of VIP Yachts picked me up and gave me a ride all the way into Tutu where I caught safari and went home. You may be thinking, well that doesn't sound like much to get excited about but wait... Pamela and I chatted about boats and my boating experience and since she has been here for 15 years she knows it's the slow season, she asked me if I would be interested in doing any boat cleaning for her on my days off. WOO HOO! Cleaning boats can be big bucks. She also asked if I could cook, which I am noooooo chef, so I said NO! But she said honestly they only have 2 trained chefs in the whole company, everyone else is just a normal cook. They have recipies for all the meals they cook on charter and said if I ever have a week off she would like to have me work private charters for them! WOW! Then she said what I was thinking, "I knew there was a reason I plucked you off the side of the road! Everything happens for a reason." I gave her my number and she is supposed to call me tomorrow. Sometimes I feel like I must be doing something right. Things always work out in my life, even when it looks pretty bad. That's why I always say "Everything will be alright in the end, if it's not alright it's not the end!" Not that anything is wrong with my life at the moment, I'm just sayin is all. So yeah, I have been off work all week because my boss took the boat to Tortola for some unknown reason, maybe he will tell me all about it when they get back but at this point I think we may be getting a new boat! He has been on the phone alot with a guy in Mexico I think, who has a boat similar to ours. I'm totally going out on a limb with that because I only eavesdropped a little bit... But the coolest thing is that my boss called me on Tuesday and told me he was taking the boat but not to worry because he would pay me our normal daily rate of pay for the whole time he was gone! Wow! Thats unheard of here. Anywhere really. Jill thinks he really appreciates me and doesn't want to loose me. It's coz I rock. OH why did I eat a McDonald's sausage biscuit this morning??? My tummy is not happy. Oh also, I've decided to take a few days off from drinking, all these days off in a row spells trouble when you don't have to get up at 5am. I'm ready to get back on my schedule, I usually only drink 2 nights a week but this pirate life I have been living this week is tooooo much! I'm sticking with water and cran-grape juice for a while. (My favorite juice is Ocean Spray Cran-Grape by the way if you were wondering.) I have also decided to spend all day on Google Earth spying on unsuspecting polynesians. Just checking out the anchorages and tiki bars for my eventual arrival.


  1. Glad to hear it was just a spurt of piracy... not a full blown lifestyle. Most people would think your lifestyle is pretty pirate like. But being productive always makes one feel... productive! Like the moto of the steel drum band... that made me all warm and fuzzy... I love hard work, as long as it's not painful. Save your money... I won't have any when I get there and I'll need you to float the note.