Thursday, June 5, 2008

Its official!

I am an official resident of St. Thomas in the USVI! I got my license yesterday! It took about an hour which is surprisingly short! Then I lost a hundred dollar bill after cashing my paycheck. Yeah that sucks. But hey, they come and they go. In other news I hung out with Mango, we went to a birthday party for someone, I can't remember who because I was pretty drunk by that point, then we came back to this side of the island and hung out at Offshore Bar for a while before he started getting all kissy and I snuck out the back door and caught a cab home. I am such a bitch. So it's still proving to be a challenge being friends with the Mango.


  1. $100, that's too bad, let's hope someone who really needs it finds it. Too bad the wind isn't blowing out of the east instead of the west at 44 mph. Maybe I would be the one to find the moolah.
    Not the Mango! Has he eaten an apple in your presence yet?

  2. thats mr peepers... totally different character...

  3. Mr Peepers, Mango what's the difference... both annoying.