Monday, June 23, 2008

It's thundering.

That never happens here. It's dark. Cloudy. Scary. I'm battening down my window!


  1. It fundered here two nights ago, too.
    Was scary. I put the light on cos I can be a right weed sometimes.
    I think you should turn all the lights off and walk backwards into a dark cellar with a blindfold on.

  2. 'ere, you can come out of that cellar now.

  3. I had better not do that crap when we're there... my luck I'll be there just in time for a hurricane. We are not going sailing in high waves...

  4. It never rains here. Been 2 months since it rained last. Rained all night, but it's sunny now! I am having a hard time finding a sailboat for us to go out on anyway!!!