Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My past two days at work...

This is Akim. He is my coworker. He was "bawn ya" as they say. Thats "born here" in stateside chat. Akim and I have become very good friends, we have been workin together since March when I started on Limnos and we have had some fun times! Yesterday we had a private charter and Instead of doing our normal trip to Virgin Gorda and Norman Island we went snorkeling at Water Lemon Key off St. John, cleared customs in Tortola, went to Peter Island for lunch at the Peter Island Resort then over to Jost Van Dyke for the afternoon! We dropped the folks back at the Ritz where we picked them up and went back to our marina. Today we just had our normal trip but two of our favorite guests came out, Cleta and Wayne! They brought their daughter and granddaughter and we all had a wonderful time. I have taken to picking up sea creatures for the enjoyment of our guests and of course to make some extra tips, so my boss Capt. Clement snapped a quick pic of my with my friend Spikey the Sea Urchin. I love Spikey. There was an octopus sighting today but personally... I don't know what other defenses the octo has other than hickeys and ink, so I didn't touch him. So basically I am fondling sea creatures for the customer's amusement.


  1. I was telling some ppl at work today about that when they asked what your were up to... they can't believe how brave you are.

  2. nah. i was pretty scared. but i figured it really couldn't hurt THAT much. ya know? come on. so i did it. im tempted to touch a black poisonus one just to see how bad it hurts. you konw, so i can tell others from experience.

  3. touch it with a stick... don't be spoiling my vacation by me having to spend time in a hospital watching you eat thru a tube...