Sunday, June 15, 2008

Really busy, pretty boring.

Sorry yall. I am tired, worn out, worked hard. No days off, busy busy boat. Not complaining though,because most boaties are only working 3 days a week this time of year. I am going to try to get a car this week so I can start getting up an hour later in the morning and driving myself to work, going to the store whenever I have to instead of waiting till my landlords need to go and hitching a ride with them, and I want to have it for when the Fam comes to visit so they only have to rent a small car or jeep and we can just buzz around in 2 cars instead of a big uncool van. :) I am also busy doing research on charter boats in my area. I want to take my family out sailing for the day but that is proving to be a difficult task. Most boats in my price range are 6 pac boats, which means they can only carry 6 passengers. We have 7. I found a cool boat that goes out of Virgin Gorda but getting back to Tortola to catch the ferry to St Thomas is proving to be a problem. I just want us to all have one day of sailing together and the rest of the time they can just do whatever the heck they want to. ok its like 8pm, past my bedtime. Gotta go to sleeeeeeep. We have a private charter tomorrow, big bucks. Hopefully. Look at this "ponytail", more like a big fat dreadlock. Its horrible. I washed my hair and couldnt get the brush through it. So I haven't tried again. That was 4 days ago. I need to put some serious conditioner on it an brush it out. Akim (my coworker) wants to dred it for me, he says "oh yah Julie (he calls me julie, his west indian accent cant pronounce jO, too much effort) you harr lock up good nah." That means my hair is able to "lock" like black hair. wow. :)


  1. Your basil looks just like my basil. What's yours called? Mine's Vigor.

  2. Fack. Sorry. This was meant to be posted on Bliss's site.
    Tee hee.

  3. hahaha wait... wait... this is great. come back in ten mins.

  4. Will do. Not going anywhere till March 2009.

  5. My basil looks like it's cooked... Damn it's hot in Texas, just as hot as it can get.... sing along Jolea, you know the words.

    Hope DeeDee doesn't see that Dread ponytail... she'll have bad dreams.

  6. That wiggly hair must come from your Jamaican heritage.