Saturday, July 12, 2008

As Mel Fisher once said... TODAY IS THE DAY!

Mel Fisher found the treasure of the Atocha... I get to see my family!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY! I have dispersed my gifts and trinkets to make their stay a little more comfortable, some locally made soaps which are lovely, some local beers which are tasty, some bottled water so they don't have to drink our crap water, it comes out of the tap hot as hell anyway, some glade fresh linen scented candles because you know you should always take a candle with you to a hotel, some local coffee in flavors : Mocha Jumbie and Rhumba Creme, (Maria you would love Rhumba Creme, it smells like Bailey's!) some coozies to keep their beer frosty, piratey luggage tags that say "Time flies when ye arrrr having rum", some USVI stickers for their cars back home, a tostonera for my mom, (it makes tostones out of plantains) and some assorted local herbal teas. WHEW! I still have to carry a case of water up 4 flights of stairs. I am taking a lunch break. And a music break. I am listening to Four Horsemen again, I am on a kick I guess. OH boy I am so excited! I just cant wait till 3:30 when my taxi man Vince picks me up on the way to the airport! Where am I gonna take Michael and Di for dinner??? Oh my! I may just keep them in French Town and go to Betsy's bar for dinner. Then I have to go back to the airport at 7:30 to get my mom and aunt! Then its pool party time!


  1. I'm so excited for you all. Have an oarsome time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fun fun fun fun fun fun.

  2. That first sentance should have gone like this: "I'm so excited for YA'LL." We'll learn ya right sooner or later...
    Thanks Maria I can't wait! Uncle Michael and that crew get here in 2 hours. There has never been a day longer than this! Waiting waiting waiting! I should have a beer or 3...

  3. That beer of yours is a whopping 5.2%
    In Japan, beer is seasonal and winter beers usually go up a notch to 6% and this is why I like the winter in Japan.
    Well, kind of like it. For the salary.