Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh wow.

So this afternoon Alex Akim and I went to Ashley's bar to have dinner, after dinner Sebastian met me at the bar and said he would drive me home. On the way we stopped at Betsy's which is just around the corner from my house, Sebastian gets tired and goes home, leaves me with these tattooed guys, whom I start chatting with. I am admiring his tat's when I realize he has the same tat I have, an old pirate rum jug, its on his hand plain as day. I take out a pen and draw how my tat is different than his. because of the aunt nasty homage. I comment on a tattoo on his neck of an outer space looking bomber thingy with stars around it like MArvin the Martian and all. Well long story short, he wanted me to come back to Hull bay with him and I wouldn't. now im home thank god, turns out he is in the Hells Angels. There is nothing wrong with them and i would love to be involved in their charity work.


  1. I got ahead of myself but needless to say i have my own reasons for not hanging with seabass or the hells angels. Seabass wanted to go home. Hells angels guy wanted to put on a pig mask and do scary things. the end. I am such a good judge of character.

  2. You just made my coffee go bad... in my belly. Excuse me while I meditate/pray for a moment, I'll be back.

  3. I had really bad dreams about armour-plated spiders last night that could spit cactcus prickles at their victims.
    I blame this post of yours, Jolea.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA OH MARIA THATS CRAZY! I just tell it like it is. God knows what you would have dreamed about if you were there to meet this guy. It was the first time in my life I can remember being speechless. Absolutely speechless and uncoftorble. Sitting between a skinhead and a Hells Angel and they are both laughing this evil laugh! Then the Hells Angel guy looks at me and gets real quiet and says , "Honestly, you know Im just messing with you though right? I would never disrespect you, I mean no disrespect." I'm like uh.... too late. hahah! Betsy (the owner of the bar) then hands me the bar phone, I am like hello? Its Jill. HOW THE HELL DOES MY LANDLORD KNOW WHERE I AM? She wants to know when I am coming home and that my A/C wont be fixed till tonight or tomorrow. Sebastian didn't call today. Then again he was going surfing with the Hells Angel... maybe they got rid of him.... oh damn.