Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today. Jelly's were king.

I got stung by a jelly fish today. It swam right up in between my legs while I was being the jelly spotter for all my snorkelers when they were getting in the water. I was pissed. Literally. I didn't pee on myself to put the sting out but I poured some vinegar on it for sure. First jelly sting ever. I'm not even convinced it was a jelly sting. It was a moon jelly and it was head up like I didn't even touch me with its little flanges. The reason I don't really think it was a jelly, one, I have never been stung and I have been in the water with them like 50 times, two, I just shaved my legs and I think it could have been the salt water irritating my freshly shaven stems. :) Anyway, I came home and took a shower, got ready and wet over to Yacht Haven Grande to have dinner with Sarah. I stopped by the Rum Shack where Josh basically lives, and dropped off his stupid hat that he left at my house. I gave it to the concerned bartender who promised she would give it to him because she was sure she would see him soon. Drunk. I ran into Becca there and invited her to dinner, turns out Sarah couldn't make it and Becca and I had a lovely dinner at the bar and a few beers. Becca is from Richardson, TX, so we always have lots to talk about, it was fun and she drove me home just now. I am off work for the next 3 days, so me and Sarah are going to St John for late lunch and happy hour at Woody's. It' s 10pm, I am headed to sleep. I love yall!

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  1. Next time you go to Maho, get me one of those Carona pitchers, please....