Monday, September 8, 2008

Sorry I'm slacking!

I have been doing a whole lot of nothing since I got home to Texas and I am loving it. I take naps, play on my computer, look up travel guides for Seattle, L.A. and Cabo San Lucas, hang out with my parents, and help mom with dinner. It's the best vacation ever! Today mom and I will meet up with Dee Dee and we are going shopping!!!! Now, normally I hate shopping, but I really do need some essentials since I have been living on an island for a year. Things like, warmer shirts than a tee shirt. Some pants. You know, stuff other than bathing suits and board shorts. I did go "shopping" in my old closet and surprisingly I found a bunch of jeans that fit me and my old boots! I am only taking one pair of boots, it's a hard decision. I gotta go! Bye!


  1. Cam on! Show us some pics of your boots!

  2. She hid the one pair of boots I love in her closet.... I would have been wearing them all this time.

  3. i didnt hide them! you just never looked.