Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend hi-jinx!

I have had a great weekend so far with my crew! Friday, Justin and I went on a booze cruise on a boat called the Islander. It was a party with 2 DJ's and 3 decks of bumpin beats. :) We met up with his friend's Kevin and Apri and as it turns out the four of us are an unstoppable quartet of fun. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard. Last night we went downtown and met up with Kevin and April again, April tried sushi for the first time then we played some pool walked around to a few bars and ended up at this pool hall/dance club where we proceeded to dance till the lights came on. Kevin drove us home and he and April came in for a night cap, Justin decided to make us all breakfast, now this wasn't your normal drunk after bar food, we ate gourmet steak and stuff!!!! Can you believe this breakfast?
I love my life.

Here are some pics of the boat. I took this one while standing on the bow looking aft. That means I was on the pointy end looking toward the ass end.
And this is the marble bathroom I detailed.

Here is Phillip the chainsaw massacre.

And this is Justin's beautiful marble galley!

Today we are going back downtown to do some shopping. I need a jacket and a few other things and the guys need to do a bit of shopping as well, then it's on to laundry and getting ready for our new crew member to arrive tomorrow! Oh yeah, forgot to tell ya about that. Our Chief Stewardess is coming tomorrow, we are all a bit nervous, hope she is as cool and fun as we are! If she's not we will make her fun! :) I will take more pics as soon as they unwrap the boat, you really cant see anything with it covered in plastic. Ok! Bye!


  1. That kitchen is fantastic... love the stove. I can't wait to see your cabin, will you share with the Chief Stew?

  2. yeah, unless she snores then she will have to room with the other snorers! there are 3 cabins with 2 bunks each, so justin and phillip will have their own cabins, the engineer has his own cabin by the engine room, and the capt and mate share a cabin down by the engineer. I will take some pics of those cabins tomorrow~

  3. Hey - that looks just like the head on my boat!

  4. hahahah meercat i wanna see pics of your head!!!

  5. Boat! Pah! You should see the bathroom I trail behind my bike!

  6. M, I've see the trail you leave with your porta-johnette, you should have that plug looked at.