Monday, September 22, 2008

What's a "freeze watch"?

Oh no, it's coming... The cold. Some guy on the news just said the "snow line" is lower than they have seen in a long time and we are under a "freeze watch". We always leave the balcony door open with the screen shut because it's been cool out and our apt is really warm, but this morning I thought I was gonna freeze to death when I came into the living room! It got COLD last night!!! Still looks like "Seattle" outside. Cloudy and misty. As much as I bitch about the cold, I have to admit, it was really nice not sweating my ass off while walking around shopping in downtown yesterday. It felt really great. I feel like I have been sweating my ass off for 2 years! I am here at the apartment again today, finishing up the crew towels and duvets and shams... IT'S A SHAM, ALL A SHAM I TELL YOU!!! haha. Now I am getting ready to give the apt a nice deep cleaning because we are getting our new crew member today. Not sure what time she gets here so I better get crackin! Yall have a nice monday!!!


  1. It sounds like a great life. I'd love to be mucking around doing washing and whatnot. The smell of Downey. I used to love treating myself to a laundry wash instead of washing clothes in bucket in boatyard. But sometimes I'd miss the Downey moment and be like, 'fack, fack, fack, that was a waste of $6!!'

  2. So what I want to know is, is if you sweat your ass off for two years, is your ass then gone?
    I have been sweating my ass off only since April or May, but am really hoping it is going to be off someday in the future. Or stomach. I need to sweat my stomach off. Thighs too. Let's change the saying to "I'm sweating my thighs off" and see if it happens.

  3. well, its not gone, but I'm down with sweating my thighs off... let's go with that!

    I have to admit M, I do love the smell of fabric softener!

  4. You know I really didn't think it was all that hot down there in the islands. Bet you wish you'd taken that knitted hoodie I offered huh?