Monday, October 27, 2008


Mini Griswold famly gathering crisis. I started making the greenbean cassarole... i messed up the ingredients but don't tell anyone, we will see how it turns out... i don't eat it so I wouldn't know...

Got a call from Grandma, looks like we are having 2 extra guests for dinner, some long lost relatives I either met when I was 2 or never... so I am running around doubling up on food and making extra side dishes....

I knew there was a reason I watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation this morning....


  1. And that's Jody in the Santa hat and me checking the prostate....

  2. Hahahaa it was right out of this movie.... my Great Aunt Betty walked up to the door and said "hello judith!!!" Im like... Im jolea.... hahaha

  3. Ha ha. That is too funny.
    Like when my mother's brother was at her bedside in hospital and The Beast, my half-sister was on other side of bed, and he said to mum quietly, 'Who's that?'

    Ha ha.

  4. Well, Betty is 82 and Durwood is 80 and he did crash his private plane a couple of years ago and it's a miracle either one of them even leave the house any more. I think you were about 4 the last time they saw you. Which makes me wonder where in the hell did we stash ya'll all those years? They kept saying "don't ya'll have a son? -- 'Is Rusty still in the Navy?'"