Friday, November 14, 2008

Blast from the past!

Let us take a trip back in time...

Me, Lowering the main sail on the Schooner Liberty back in dubya dubya two... or 2002... Just another day at work on the docks in KW. My roomie Dennis, me, and Scott.
A visit to Boston a couple of years ago, Me and Josh, this is one of my fav pics. Happiness.
My first time in Mexico, spring break 2007
Sean teaching my mom how to raise the main on Schooner Liberty in 2003. "keep the gaff like this" haha!
Geri (armless), Aaron, Aaron, Me. Just another day in Key West, nothing to see here... we rolled all the way to the schooner wharf bar like that, down the dock, (bump-bump-bump-bump-bump-bump) then we crashed into the bar, I was all shaken up from the vibration of riding on a skateboard down a warped wooden dock and laughing so hard that I threw up. Yep... right there. Haha! Thank god I got to the edge of the dock so it went in the wharf. The whole time i was barfing Christina (see previous elevator picture post) was on the phone, and all I remember is hearing her say , in her THICK Boston accent "yeeeah, yeeah, Jolea's yackin off the side of the dock, no, no, she's just wicked excited that's all."

My roomie Sarah and Dave and Me, aboard the Liberty Clipper, wreckers race day, KW 2003
Me at work on the Fury, 65ft cattlemaran in KW 2004
The Florida Keys are lovely. 2004
Before I got "wicked excited"
My very first time on the bowsprit of Liberty, the sails are all down like that because we were doing man overboard drills where you just drop them real fast. I love that boat. The first boat I was ever on the ocean on... the boat I learned to sail on. I had so many fun times on that boat. :)


  1. You fucking nutters!
    I am laughing so hard at the skateboard pics.

  2. It's impressive isn't it? I knew you would like those!

    I just can't tell you how crazy it was, we rode all the way from the Hilton Marina (now it's the Westin) down to Schooner Wharf, we had to cross Duval St. in the process! Duval is like the main drag there, I compare it to Bourbon St. in N.O.

    People were everywhere!

    I forgot to give Christina props for RUNNING THE WHOLE WAY taking pictures of us.... I miss those days.

  3. I once cycled with a bunch of manequin heads in my bike basket - long story - which were in a see-thru bag and nearly made a Biker Rebel[Bozozaku], who run red lights over here, fall off his motorbike, when he saw me crossing the intersection with all the lifelike heads pressed up against the plastic.
    It was so funny. It totally stopped the usually-pathetic rebel, in his tracks.
    Yeah, Japanese 'bikers' are real weird. They have mopeds and rebel by driving really slowly and with deliberately removed mufflers through the streets. They also run red lights, real slowly.
    They are stuch twats.

  4. Too many commas - sigh. I really wish I could write like Vancouver Runner. She's got punctuation down to a fine art.

  5. hahaha the japanese biker sounds like a "force to be reckoned with"... haha losers.

  6. I think it's great that you've put a load of sailing pics on your blog as I think it will manifest a job your way.

  7. The bowsprint pic used to be my screen saver for the longest... now I have St.Thomas pics.

  8. Thanks M, p.s. i am cracking up again reading about your mannequin heads... thats awesome!

  9. These pictures prove you need to go to a warm climate - skip the ski job for sure!