Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff! The big 2-3!

Yep, my brother's b day is the day after dad's! It's easy to remember their b-days and Thanksgiving...

It's a happy day.

I have a great feeling that I have some good offers coming my way...

There has been an exponential increase in the number of job postings and resume interests in the past couple of days. I feel like the industry is about ready to ramp back up soon now that the election is over and people can concentrate on the important things like getting back to work and traveling... :)

I wish I could tell you about the amazing development in my job search as of today but I don't want to jinx it. I wish it was morning so I could tell Mom and Dad! I can't sleep I am so excited.

My newest agent in Sydney, Australia is just about the coolest one I have dealt with. I have a feeling that my decision to go abroad for crew agency help is a good one. The agencies in Ft. Lauderdale are overrun with crew looking for work, I read an article recently that said there are over 1500 crew members looking for work registered through Lauderdale agents. In Australia? Less than 300. Another reason I can tell that my new agent doesn't have 1000 girls vying for a job is that she replies to my emails within the hour I send them. I am lucky to get a response within the week IF AT ALL from my Lauderdale agent.

I have been emailing back and fourth with my Aussie Agent all evening. I finally told her that I had to get to bed because it was 2am in Texas, She replied telling me she was sending out emails to my references to confirm them then she would send my CV and "cover story" (more on that later) to the Captain, telling me to "rest easy" because she was so impressed with my cover story.

So yeah, the whole "cover story" thing. Last year I had a captain that asked me to write an "essay" of sorts about why I would be a good addition to the crew. Well, I wrote... and I wrote... and I wrote about how I came to be a deckhand and how much I loved being on the water. I got the job hands down no questions asked. That job ended up injuring me and the rest of the crew forcing me and Meg (my best friend in St. Thomas) to quit together and move to St. Thomas from Tortola. Thank god for that job because if it wasn't for that horrible experience I would not have Meg in my life and I dearly love her and miss her tons!
Me, Meg and Rebecka, St. Thomas 2007

So, this Captain wanted the same kind of thing which initially turned me off. It gave me flashbacks to last year's deal and I have no intention of getting in a situation like that again... but hey, it was a new agent and I had no info about the yacht so what the hell? I am jobless.

I emailed the agent and apologized for the confusion but I have applied to every boat I could the past month and for the life of me I couldn't remember which boat that I had applied for with her agency. She emailed me back and said she understood how it gets when you are looking for jobs.

When she read my essay and looked over my resume she went ahead and told me the boat's name and stuff which she said she couldn't tell me until I was considered for the job... Well, I'm not sayin nothin... but... OMG.

If I get the job I will post the essay...

p.s. mom made a great chocolate rocks.


  1. OMG! You just inadvertently made me sad. 23 is less than half of my life span! My best year was 22 and now, I'm 26 years beyond my best. I know, I'll just lie to myself (like most people my age) and say my best is yet to come or I'm getting better with age.

    What the hell, Happy Birthday Jeff!

  2. Yeah Godlina - I hear ya - I'm right there with you.
    Happy Birthday Jeff!
    I can't wait to read the essay and hear the boat name and details!!
    "Slojo" is back here again, but they kind of keep to themselves. I'll ask again if I see any of the crew on the dock. Again, I am just a little peon cat lady to them.

  3. You wanna feel old? Be the one to have given birth to him.

  4. "Seattle" HeatherNovember 26, 2008 at 2:47 PM

    I wanna know all about your adventures! Do tell....

    Fingers and toes still crossed...oye starting to cramp!!! ha ha

  5. Ha ha Judith.

    It's a great idea to be listed globally as there must be heaps more opportunities out there than those that merely exist in the States.

    fingers crossed fingers crossed fingers crossed

    p.s Aussies are so cool

  6. I love my Aussie friends I met while in Melbourne, and the agent doesn't strictly work with aussie boats they deal with boats worldwide but they have that extra load of yachts that aren't listed with U.S. agents. Fingers crossed and toes and arms and legs....

    Thanks Meerkat Heather! Get your skis shined up, grab a stick of juicy fruit.

    Thanks Seattle Heather, I will let y'all know what happens when I know anything.

    Even if I don't get the job I will still post the Boat so you guys can see why I nearly peed my pants when I saw it....


    It's 7:30am in Australia... come on girl, email me some good news!!!

  7. Thanks! Something's gotta happen soon....