Monday, November 24, 2008

I have decided...

what I will do if I don't get a job on a yacht soon...

I will become a roller derby chick.

The Assassination City Roller Derby organization is here in Dallas. And they are recruiting. Yep.

I bet I would be so good at it. I used to LIVE at the skating rink when I was in elementary school. I bet I could remember how to skate on 4 wheels. I used to love to skate.

Think I would fit in? I do.


  1. I'm not looking for a job on a yacht but I am looking for a job. I don't look half bad in a wig and tights and, as I age and continue to eat tacos in abundance, my chest is becoming decidedly feminine. If you get hooked up with a good team, give me a holler. I think I can still skate and I know I can throw an mean elbow. We'd make an awesome twosome (until I get caught).


  2. This is great Jolea, Brian can be your sling-shot guy, I mean girl. And you already have that speed skating arm swing down.

  3. Ha ha - two of our nieces in Oregon do this!!! Check out Holly's myspace page:
    and her team page:
    and the city info:
    She is Holly-Go-Fightly!!! Ha ha and her little sis, Brook is Blanch something or other, but Brook is pregnant right now so she is the manager. Too funny!

  4. A daughter of our School Nurse used to do this in Austin. Until she had a horrible broken leg and then had a baby.

  5. Roller Derby is alive and well in Portland, as they Meerkatters attest:


  6. Haha! I didn't know broken legs led to pregnancy.

    Brian, you can be Bone Crushin'Betty, and I will be Cruzin for a Bruzin.

    We will be champions.

    Oh my gosh Meerkat! That's so cool! I'm not as tough as I think I am...

    My friend Capt. Ryan's girlfriend is a Roller Derby chick in Baltimore and you would never know it. She's a nurse by day, dishes out the pain by night!!!

    I wish I still had my skates...

  7. I wouldn't last 4 seconds.
    I'm scared of big girls in fishnet tights and lingerie anyway...
    Jim is afraid of them too.