Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh yeah. I feel terrible.

Went out last night for the firs time in forever. Drank too much. So hungover. Can't blog. Must sleep. I think I took lots of pictures of the Red Elvises and stuff. When the lead singer Igor saw me in the lobby of the Sons of Hermann Hall he said "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF THESE YEARS?!" In his thick russian accent. And came and gave me a big hug! I love Igor. Amanda and I had a good time but really I will write tomorrow. I'm dying here. Night.


  1. Night? Don't you mean all day into night? You slept all day, you were only vertical for a total of an hour and 27 minutes, and that's only because we didn't have any 3ft straws... I should have run a vacuum cleaner in your room... no sympathy for hungovers around here. haha. We have to uphold the family name...

  2. Ha ha ha. Too funny.

    p.s A lot of my friends got shitfaced this weeekend. Me, too.
    There were a bunch of hangovers going on in my Farceburke friends list. A bunch.
    Must be the joy for having a new President on the horizon.