Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Funday!

Today I will, take some clothes to Plato's Closet and maybe get some cashola to pay for new contacts. I will also wash my friend Amanda's car because it's sitting outside my house and it's FILTHY! And then I will dye my hair because my roots are out of control.

Oh and I got an email from a boat owner in Lauderdale that is doing a trip to the Bahamas and needs a stewardess/deckhand for the trip, could be a good way for me to get to FL. Even if it is for just a week or so at least it will be money coming in and give me more time to look for a long term job. I was also thinking of freelancing! I hear it can be a great way to have money in the pocket and also have something that resembles a Life. Hmmm.... I will have to talk to Kendra at LuxYachts about that one too...

Anyway, I am trying to loose some LB's before I go to FTL. I would show you pictures of my "maybe roommates" but you would all gag and hate them like i do because they are MODELS and wear a size zero!!! Courtney says they are lovely girls though and I really bet they are, that talk is just me being jealous for becoming a fat pig. peace love hearts flowers.


  1. I bet they are all really stupid.

  2. hahaha and they will be jealous of your ability to drink beer like a roughneck... and your dancing skills.

  3. yeah, there's no 5 foot 3 size zero chick in the world that can put away booze like i can... so there.