Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cookin' Pork Chops!

I am slow cooking some chops in the oven for dinner. First I put some seasonings on them and browned each side in a cast iron skillet, then I cut up some onion and put it in the bottom of a glass pan, added some more seasonings and a little water because I don't want my little piggies to dry out. Then I placed the browned chops on the onions and covered the pan with foil. Into the oven they went at 250. I'm just gonna let them cook in there for like an hour and see what happens. I will probably take the foil off and crank it up to like 350 when they are about done for a few mins.

Hello Cheyenne, Wyoming
North Wales, Pennsylvania
Budapest, Hungary
North Kingstown, Rhode Island
Deer Park, Texas
and Palo Alto, California


No news yet, but I bet I will hear something tomorrow. Yep.

In other news:

I just read that my hometown, Allen Texas, is ranked the 9th safest city in the entire country!!! There are like thousands of cities in this country... awesome. Probably because our cops pull everyone over even if they aren't doing anything wrong.

See This? Where does your city rank?


  1. It's too bad this isn't Smell-o-blog... those pork chops smell so good.

  2. I'm stuffed... they were gooooood! This girl can cook.