Monday, December 15, 2008

Long day.

Whew... I am exhausted. I woke up at 9am and got ready to drive around to crew agencies and learn my way around town. I dropped Courtney off at work because she had a seminar to go to and off I went, map in hand. Went to 2 agents and stopped for lunch then I cleaned her car and then I went back to her work. Courtney had a client to work out so she set me up on an elliptical machine and said, ok you just do that for a while, sweat it out! Uh.... yeah... I ran my ass off for 35 minutes!!! 35 MINUTES!!! Nonstop! I was sweating my ass off, thank god for the Killers on my iPod. I rocked out to my tunes and then Courtney came back and led me over to the other machines and I followed along with her client and did some reps on some leg and booty workers. Then it was off to weights and yoga! Oh my! After that we went to the tanning salon and Quiznos for a healthy sandwich and then home. Whew! It's 7:30pm and I can't wait to go to sleep. I have another interview with an agent at 3:30pm tomorrow so that's good.

It's beautiful here. The weather is just wonderful, the salt air feels so good! I rode around all day with the windows down and sun roof open. I got to see the ocean again! I was too busy to stop and play in the sand but I will put that on my agenda for tomorrow.

I have a good feeling about being here even though the captain who said he would call me today didn't. There are SO MANY yachts here! I drove down Las Olas Blvd. and was just amazed at the amount of boats docked behind people's houses.

Unfortunately I can't find my usb thingy that I put my camera card into that transfers my pics from my camera to my computer so there are no pictures to show you. I am bummed. Mom if you see it let me know. It might be on the coffee table.

Anyway I am excited about my interview tomorrow and feel like today's interview went well. I may even stop by a few of the marina's and boat yards to see if they need any day workers to supplement my income while I look. Courtney and the girls usually pay a housekeeper to come in once a week but I told them to cancel that and save the money, I will do it for free for letting me stay here. I think that's fair. They tried to pay me but I refused to take the money.

ok. gotta go. so sleepy.


  1. Ha ha ha... you are going to be crying tomorrow! Maybe the yoga will keep you from being so sore. You poor thing... I told you to go to my gym.

    Yes you usb thingy is here. I'll send it with your contacts.

  2. Yoga will help!

    So I'm standing in our cockpit today and notice one of the crew members on "Slojolea" waving to me. Me? ME? So he yells over a hello and that he found my blog today... uh oh. So I started laughing and told him I was sorry I made fun of his boat (because the post that he probably would have come across from googling would have been the Juicy Fruit one that if they sold a kerjillion of the gum packs they could get a big blue yacht) and he said it's not his boat (duh) and he liked it, so I replied I have no sarcasm in me. All sarcastic when I said it of course.
    Oh boy. How embarrassing. So now I know one of the crew of "Slojolea" has read my blog and probably knows I have re-named their employer's boat. Maybe tomorrow it will say the whole name instead of just the shortened version. At least it was a different guy than the one that didn't remember your Seattle boat.
    Thought you would enjoy that story.

    Ok, enough of that - good luck manana!

  3. OMG Heather!!! That is so funny!!! You have a yachtie buddy! I fell asleep at 8:30 sp its 1am and i woke up. i will fall asleep again soon though... I'm sunburned.

  4. "Seattle" HeatherDecember 16, 2008 at 2:11 AM

    Jolea! Happy that you made it to Florida okay! Woo-hoo! So are you telling us, that instead of reminding you about your toothbrush, I should have said "remember USB Camera port thingy?" LOL ha ha Hey at least you're still in the States to get mail right away-true? LOL Have a good day tomorrow! Hey I do yoga too! It's super good for you! Enjoy that sun and sand, I'm sitting in a few inches of snow and ice and it's 17 degrees outside right now! BRRRRR!!!!

  5. oh noooooo Seattle Heather!!! I feel so bad for you! That's too cold! Must be global warming. ;) It was really 80 degrees today! I am so happy to be here! I got stuck on the drawbridge of Las Olas blvd when the yacht Mystique passed under. All the crew were on the deck just leaning on the rail. Watching the people and little boats pass by from their perch. I wanted to yell out the car window "DO YOU NEED A STEW?!?!?!" but I held my tounge.