Friday, December 5, 2008

Woo hoo!

I don't know if there is anything to woo hoo about but I am! I am also dancing around to The Killers while ironing my jeans! I wish I would have had time to take them to the cleaners to get them starched properly but oh well, this will have to do. I used to take all my jeans and shirts to the cleaners when I was in high school. What a hick. I loved it. I wouldn't go anywhere without being starched up and crispy! Always always always put make up on even if I was just going to the 7-11, always did my hair. I remember one time my friend Ty told me, "Jolea, you always look so nice every time I see you, always put together and dressed like you've got somewhere to go." He ended up taking me to prom. :) Say nice things to people.

I haven't seen Mom or Dad yet to ask about using the car, I almost don't even want to ask because they will say no. It's not like I'm driving to the bar, just driving to Chris's house. Ugh. I really need dad to take me to Sally Beauty Supply when he gets home because my roots are out of control. No, this is not a date, haha I shouldn't have opened my big mouth when I made fun of maria for dying her roots the other day! Karma is a bitch! :) That's something I have noticed in my life, I have almost INSTANT Karma. It's a good thing because it reminds me immediately not to be a brat.

In other news: I went into the kitchen to get some grub and I noticed there is a bike in the hall. Not mom's. We don't have another one... So I grabbed our biggest kitchen knife and searched the house for intruders. I was ready to slice and dice. Nobody. Hmm. Oh, Jeff (my brother) skyped me last night at about 12:45am and asked if there was someplace "kinda warm" to sleep at the house. HAHA! Jeff just moved into a house in Mckinney with a friend of his and it's really old and has no central heating. I guess his little space heater couldn't keep up with 2 nights of below freezing temps. I told him he could have my bed and I would go sleep in mom's bed. (Dad has been sleeping on the couch/in the recliner because he tosses and turns and has to get up a lot and take medicine, also he used to not be able to breathe lying in a bed because he had that tumor in his sinuses.) Anyway, he said he could just clear off the bed in the other room that has all the guitars stacked up on it. I forgot we even had a bed in there. I told him I would clear it off for him and for him just to come over. So I tried to be quiet with all those bonking guitar cases but I woke mom up and she was growling at me but I was in the kitchen telling Dad not to be alarmed by Jeff coming in. I think she was sleep walking actually. Because by the time I got back to her room to tell her what was going on she was already asleep again. HAHA! Maybe that is his bike. He knocked on my door like a little squirrel when he got here and chatted with me for a bit then off to bed. He said he is moving out but wouldn't tell me why. So he wanted to know when I was leaving so he could have his room back. :)


Ok, gotta get back to ironing!

"I just can't look, it's killing me, and taking control..."


  1. Tell Jeff to find you a boat and he can have his room back.

  2. This was such a funny post. From Killers to end.
    Jeff is so funny; a real homeboy in his heart. So sweet.
    Hope your date goes well tonight and that you get there.

    Ha ha ha very ha ha ha at the starching of your clothes. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.
    I bet you've found a way to use seasalt to do that.

    Great post.

  3. lol Maria! I bet sea salt would work better than this crappy starch I have. Bad news... mom and dad wont let me use the car. I texted chris and told him I couldn't come. I'm still dying my roots though. It needed to be done. I am about to lose it. I was really looking forward to getting out and being social. Im going fucking nuts. I am so freaking down about this job situation and I just needed to have some fun. Oh well.

  4. You are a very sweet sister and I asked Jeff if he knew that. Guess what he said? "SURE!...." as in sure he knew. Did you ask him to take you somewhere?

  5. no. i didn't ask him. he asked me if he could go with me to Denton. It's the first time ever I have been going somewhere cooler than him... it was fun. we laughed our asses off and he met a new nice girl. Amy. She is so awesome. we all had a great time.

  6. That's good, you both needed a little lift.