Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No sail tonight!

We got rained out. Blah. The radar showed it coming so we cancelled the sail. Charlie and David stopped by and invited me over to Charlie's girlfriend Alex's house (David's sister's house) (PS David and Alex are from Ft. Worth, small world.) So they left in the jeep and I said I would meet them there because I found Judy's bike finally today so I have wheels. I finished my beer and went to hop on the bike when..... crash!!! Rain and thunder!!!!! I ran back into the house. Now I am sittin here.... alone. But the radar shows that its just a band passing quickly so I should be able to get out of here pretty soon.

In other news, the M/Y Rena that was interested in me as a freelance stew pulled into the schooner wharf today so I went over and introduced myself. Apparently the stew they hired instead of me turned out to be a nut case and they fired her right away. They were nice. They will be here for a few days then back to West Palm Beach where they live. They can have West Palm. Bleh.

I went out with the Liberty Clipper crew last night and sang karaoke for the first time in forever. I hate karaoke but we had been drinking boat beers for some time before then and they convinced me to do it. They all just stood there like "where the hell did that come from" when I sang. LOL

Then I called it a night and stayed up late at my house alone emailing and reading. Charlie stayed at Alex's house for the first time in quite a few days. He said he never stays here but I guess he just likes to hang out with me now that I'm back. :)

So, I played Wii last night for the first time.... I am addicted. It's the most fun thing ever!!!!!
Charlie has a Wii and I had never even considered playing it but we played it at the Lazy Gecko last night and by the time we were all finished bowling and playing baseball we were all covered in sweat! I won every bowling match! I never win video games. It rocked.

Ok... looks like the rain is stopping. gotta go!

click HERE to see the boat I work on. :)

p.s. did I mention that Charlie and I always joke about being cousins because his name is Charlie Nelson and Nelson is my mom's maiden name and he is from Texas too? Well his parents came to visit last week and I got to talking to his Dad and guess what???? He went to Permian High School.... in Odessa.... Where my Mom and Dad are from....

so.... truly.... we probably are related.

Damn I am classy.


  1. LOL... You need to find out if his family is from Okla. We didn't have any relatives in Odessa other than Helga.

    Did you sing my favorite song? I have got to get that downloaded to my ipod.

  2. hey I forgot to ask you if you have seen Laura and Dudley?

  3. i sang the only one and sin wagon lol the schooner bums loved it because most of the chicks are lesbians and the dudes are horn dogs.

    i went to see Dudley and Laura and ran into Steve Porter who was their neighbor and he just was so happy to see me yesterday. said duds and laura sold the condo and he hasnt heard hide nore hair of them since but he did hand deliver that christmas card to them last time they are in town.

    so sad. wish i could see them.

    but ps how cool is it that greg and kris are gonna be here!?????

  4. Since I answered your comment in my blog, I'll switch and answer the comment from my blog over here... Jeff just bought a new motorcycle he won't be going anywhere for a while, knowing him he paid cash and it will just be two weeks. I'm sure he'll come see you sooner or later.

  5. Horn dogs AND lesbians? So I gotta keep an eye on Kris no matter who's chatting her up, eh?

    I can't wait to wear my sunglasses. 48-deg and rainy this morning.

  6. See you have relatives all over and we have friends of friends all over.
    Do we need to mail you an umbrella so you can go bike riding in the rain? Oh, but then you get that wet stripe up your butt and back...

  7. I bet you drove the Lesbians mad singing I'm the Only One.

  8. Love that boat - I want to come and visit and sail and ..... feel sunlight again... sigh