Saturday, February 14, 2009


This is my boy Evan Edwards. Schooner pong night at Blue Heaven. Yes. He has a legless-armless-bald mannequin strapped to his back. That's Geri. She has been around the Appledore for a long time. You may remember this picture....
Well that's her on the handle bars of Aaron's bike. Somehow she lost her legs over the years...

Messy Monday. Lilly. Tourist map in hand. Duval Street.

This is Brian. He works on the Appledore. He has a fabulous mustache. He is Evan's best friend.

This is Lilly. She drew herself a finger mustache to match Brian's. I love her.

This is Lilly on "Messy Monday", the day we decided to drink all day just because we can. This was 9:30am.

This is Sarah. We used to be roommates, this is also Messy Monday at 9:30am.

This is Lilly. Messy Monday. We found a bike on the street that had no wheels or seat or handle bars so Lilly picked it up and started hollering about someone stealing all her bike parts. LOL I HAVE TEARS IN MY EYES LAUGHING AS I TYPE THIS!!! IT WAS SO FUNNY!

Messy Monday. Lilly and my old captain Chris who left me at the reef one time. We all had breakfast and we laughed about how much we fought and he apologized for what an asshole he was to me and then he wore my sunglasses the entire meal. Yay mimosas and bloody mary's!

Messy Monday,Lilly,Sarah, Mandy and Brian.

Different day. Heidi and my best boy friend down here Will. He works on the schooner with me. Isn't he beautiful??? I wish he batted for my team.

Captain Justin of the Appledore and Captain John of the Liberty Clipper in deep thought about a game of Wii.

I had to post this picture because I think it's beautiful but unfortunately this is Lilly and Man Meat. The happiness just doesn't last sometimes and thats sad. She is my favorite lady.

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  1. Okay. I love your life. I'm coming down there now.