Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still alive!

Just busy and have no internet access now that I have moved out of charlie's house. Technically homeless, but I have good friends that have couches and extra bunks on their boats. 

Doing great! 

So happy! 

Life is sweet! 

Here are some pics for you...

Evan and Damien at Cowboy Bills...

Evan and Will on the dock... 

Me and Ivona Richmond on a boat! 

Lilly and Me and Evan hanging out in the bed...


  1. Jolea! Glad to know you're still alive! Was wondering about you the other day! Did the weather warm up on you? It's good to hear that you are happy and enjoying your time there! :-)

  2. Yeah... now she's alive. I had to resuscitate her by calling Evan's boat and asking someone if she'd been seen or heard from. I know they thought I was nuts, but hey... someday they will have wayward children and payback is gonna be hell.

    "Hello, I'm sorry to bother you, do you know Jolea Cruzan? You do? This is her mother. Have you seen her in the past few days? Is she alive and well? She is? Good, thank you! Good-bye."

  3. Hmmmm... I ran hills in the rain tonight.
    What you are doing seems infinitely more fun.
    Keep at it!!

  4. I should be doing all of the above.

  5. Was beginning to wonder if you fell overboard...
    Glad you didn't.