Monday, March 16, 2009


Sorry for the lack of blogging but I have been without internet access most of the time. Things are going great! At the moment I am relaxing on Lilly's bed in Gainesville, Florida. We decided to take a "mental health week" and drive up so she could take care of some final school stuff and I don't start my new job for another week and a half so it seemed logical that I come with her.

Oh! Confused you say?

I am not working at the croissant shop anymore. I got a REAL job. I am the assistant dockmaster at the new YCOA marina! TADAAAAAAAAAAAA! Yes.

Why do I need a mental health WEEK?


Lilly and I took a 4 mile walk and a 12 mile bike ride today! YES I SAID TWELVE MILES!
We are looking so sexy.

Here are some pics.

damn blogger wont upload them...

just know this... we got really close to some alligators in the wild and took pictures of ourselves with them.... They don't call them the University of Florida Gators for nothin!

p.s. I know I am a stupid girl but that's my prerogative.

I am down to a size 7.... and counting!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on the job. Dad will be happy you got back into the business.

    I can't wait to see pictures.

  2. Congrats on the new job girl! I'm thrilled for you! So are you just working this one job? Are there others? Are you still trying to get on a boat? AND a size 7?!?!? OMG thats super fantastic! I'm soooo envious! :-) Can't wait to see your pics too! Take care!

  3. no i am done with working on yachts. i like the ability to go home after a day of work and not having to live with people i work with. i like to get away from work a few days a week and have friends over whenever i want. this job is perfect for me.

  4. Well congrats girl! You look wonderful & sound happy! :-) Cheers!

  5. All good news. You look fantastic, too!


  6. Dad wants to know what exactly does a Dock Master do? And he says just because you are a Asst. Dock Master doesn't mean you are a Pirate Master.