Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am really starting to spaz out now.

I have nothing I need for this trip. I need good foul weather gear and warm clothes of which I have neither. I am going to freeze to death. I checked the NOAA site and the seas are topping out at 20 feet. What if I get sea sick? What if we hit a speeding whale? The schooner is 129 feet long. That's huge. Bigger than the Clipper. I need to calm down but my head is spinning. I feel like I may vom all over this coffee shop. Just thinking about being that high aloft to set and bring in those square topsails makes me start shaking. I have been aloft before but never that high and never to do anything like that. I think I am freaking myself out now for no reason.

I am nervous and excited all mixed into one.

Wanna hear something awesome???

The itinerary goes a little something like this...

Mid Jan- sail south from Norfolk, Virginia
Feb- Sail through the entire caribbean -St. Martin, St. Vincent, the Grenadines, etc.
March- Sail north to Key West for a few days

and then.....


I'm gonna drink mojitos and smoke cigars and probably throw up.

p.s. look at this.... http://www.virginislandsdailynews.com/index.pl/article_home?id=17642513

WHAT??!?!??! 22 FOOT WAVES HERE????


  1. Hey I'm sure as soon as you get there you can go shop for some clothes. Or maybe buy a sweatshirt at the airport. :) J/K You're going to be fine Jo. You always make shit work. Take a deep breath...and say, "hell yea I can do this!!" Sounds like a great job. Keep your nose to the grind stone and focus. :)

  2. sounds like a fantastic trip!!!

  3. I don't want to hear it..... put on a harness.

  4. You go girl! Have a fun/safe trip.

  5. Get a camera! And a few warm clothes, and the foulies, you'll have time when you get to Norfolk.

  6. Amazing as always