Saturday, December 26, 2009

One more day....

Counting the hours....

Hahaha, this morning a couple of local guys hunted a goat down and tackled it and killed it in front of our charter guests... LOL!!!! I love island life... They didn't actually kill it, more like tied it up and drug it into the boat then the guy got out a knife and the kid ran down into her cabin all kinds of freaked out and the Dad ran over to the guys and asked them to take the slaughter somewhere else. He's lucky he didn't become a part of the feast. You don't fuck with the locals.

I am hoping to catch the first ferry to St. Thomas after I have a drink with my friends Craig and Sally. Then off to STT where I will meet up with my buddy Jan, he used to work on the schooners too and we met last season in KW. A super fun guy who plays the ukelele. :)

Not sure I will be taking a two week charter again. This is torture.

Only 3 meals till it's over. Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast in the morning. Easy. I got this. We should be on land by 10am.


  1. Just think-it may have been torture...but it's added experience on your CV. So just keep smiling.

  2. Pictures would be nice... the guests, the Captain.... the boat.... the slaughter.

  3. Curry goat? Yummy! Just made some last week!

    OK, easier when you don't have to catch the goat first. Yup.

  4. Always good to end a job, but then also good to have a job... especially your job!!!

  5. ...speaking of Sea Cloud, I was on this ship back in the 90's. I had way tooo much fun, hooked up with the chief engineer from St Vincent. Would do it all over again, in a heart beat.

    from somewhere in the pacific, heading to Costa Rica, Corrinne

  6. What were the "locals" doing on the boat? I thought this was a private charter you're working. Were they the crew?.
    Detroit, Mich.

  7. The locals were on the island snagging the goat....