Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IN Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic!

I promise to post pics asap. I promise to write a blog someday. We leave tomorrow to sail to Cuba. Should be about a week. We look to be there on the 22nd then in Key West on the first of April.

The Dom Rep is sooooo awesome!!!! So cheap. I think I might have to spend the winter here next year! :)

We had a blast at Carnival....


  1. Promises, promises
    Ya been promising ever since ya got on the dang boat.
    I've given up ;)))
    Mata ne

  2. Liz you sound like her mother....

    Sorry I wasn't home tonite, had sell off my measly Wal-Mart stock. Hope to talk to you soon and can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the trip. Love ya!

  3. Yeah, I've got lots of practice in that area. :))