Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A rainy afternoon at work!

The past few days have been really busy! We are getting the boat ship shape for our first charter, which starts Wednesday. This means we have been cleaning, hauling tools off the boat, putting sails on the boat, de-greasing, polishing, ospho-ing, and anything else the Captain tells us to do. On top of all that, today I went to the office to do inventory where I was swooped and buzzed by island bees all day. Good thing I had a Slim Jim to swat them away with while I counted... Meanwhile back at the boat, Meg mad her own entomological discovery. You can find the picture of her new friend at the top of this blog. She comes to me with her find and the only thing I can think to say is, "If you get stung all you have to do is take some Benedryl and put some meat tenderizer paste on the sting. You will be fine." But thats just what you do with Texas scorpions, these are Island scorpions, I may be wrong. Good news is, it was dead when she found it. I thought scorpions were a desert creature, I guess I DON'T know it all. :) Now it's time to put in a little over time and finish my charter guest profiles, and watch Capt. Ron, one of my favorite movies! Oh wait a sec! I forgot to tell yall about our trip to the Willy T!

We started out at the marina where we picked up a few friends, then headed over to a rock formation called "The Indians", a popular snorkeling and diving spot. The water was great but my mask leaked like a sieve so I only stayed in for about 15 minutes. Jaque Cousteau on the other hand, Meg, stayed in for about an hour while we all waited on the boat for her to surface. (Ha ha I love you Meg!) After she swam back to the boat it was just a quick boat ride over to the William Thornton floating bar and restaurant. We tied up to three other boats that were tied along side the Willy T, which is an old steel hull schooner they converted to a fantastic place to duck out of the sun and have a cocktail. Then we walked from boat to boat and hauled ourselves over the rail and onto the Willy T. As the day rolled on we each took our turn jumping off the side of the Willy T, fully clothed mind you, and then settled in at the bar. The girls and I danced with everyone from boat captains, to local police officers, to firemen from California. We had the best time, I am sure it wont be our last visit to Mr. Thornton's place. Now we have to focus on getting this boat ready for charter, so we can then focus on some serious surfing. Catch yall later!

Pictures click here!

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