Friday, November 9, 2007

Shooting stars and swimming pools.

Tonight was a well deserved evening of relaxation. Meg met a group of people the other night at the marina restaurant who were in from St Thomas and tonight they invited us over for Jambalaya and swimming at their resort. We had a great time. We swam and listened to music and chatted about 80's rock, and the people we were with were amazed at my classic rock knowledge. What can I say, I'm a music connesueir.(Yeah that is spelled wrong but dammit my spell check only speaks one language! You know what I mean!) So I hi-jack the music program on the computer at the pool bar and start pumping great tunes out and as the night comes to a close I am staring up at the sky, at this one really sparkling star, I mean this think looked like a strobe light, I watched forever to make sure it wasn't a satellite or a plane, and "See you on the other side" by Ozzy Osborne came on. I have thought alot about Brianna since I have been down here. I guess I just wish she could be here. Then I think about it and I just know she is. Tonight I felt like she was that sparkling star. The brightest star in the sky, right there, the first thing I saw when I looked up. We ate our Cajun cuisine and had a few drinks then came home. Meg got stung by her first fire ant and I left a Benydryl on her pillow... :) As I walked up toward the marina office/shore head to brush my teeth I heard a long time favorite song, one that reminded me of mimosas and days off in Key West. It struck me so odd that I actually walked up the stairs to the dockmaster's apartment as if I was going to ask them why they were listening to the Cowboy Junkie's "The water is wide". Luckily I went back down the stairs before I made a fool of myself. I just really found that odd, that I was thinking so much about the past tonight and that song filled the night sky as I walked down the dock. Speaking of the night sky, I saw a shooting star as I said goodnight to Meg and Danny tonight, I didn't make a wish. I figure someone else needs it more than I do. I don't have it so bad.

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