Monday, May 19, 2008



  1. This is more scary than the water!

  2. Get blogging girl! You're my adventure!
    p.s I replied to your mum about the knitting gear on a comment in my blog but for ease of retrie[i before e except after sea] um, retrieval, will say it here which is
    I would luv to knit but unfortunately cannot send an enema bag cos they cost a bom. However, I can offer both you and your mum a berth on my boat in the future.
    Waddaya think?

  3. AWESOME mom and I would totally love to come for a visit. I can even do boatie things and work.... :)

  4. Si senora, me gusta Mexico mucho! I will jump at the chance to stay on a boat in Mexico, no enema bag necessary. Email Jolea your address and she'll send it on to me, I'll send yarn and needles. I have scads of yarn don't I Jolea? I'm trembling at the thought.... but I will have to wait until I pay off St. Thomas before I schedule a Mexico trip.