Monday, May 19, 2008

Rude awakening!

Holy crap... I was trying to sleep in, at about 9am, NUDE, coz its hot, and coz i can, when I hear Doug my landlord hollering my name, and I hear other guys voices outside my room too. I manage a sleepy "yeah doug what?" He hollers through the door "sorry dude but these plumbers need to get in your room and do some work, i didnt know they were coming sorry" Im like "uh ok give me a minute." Seriously these guys stood outside my door as i throw on some clothes and grab my laptop and phone and open up the door. There are 4 worker guys standing there, "good morning" they say, i wanted to tell them to kiss my ass but i just walked by and into Jill and Doug's house, plopped down on my favorite chair and started to blog. BOY OH BOY I REALLY WANTED TO SLEEP THAT TEQUILA OFF! So, as if my morning wasn't traumatic enough, Doug tells me they have to knock my bathroom wall out to get to this old copper pipe that is leaking! I JUST FARKING PAINTED THAT BATHROOM I WORKED SO HARD ON THAT ROOM I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!! I have to just roll with the punches. Looks like I will be staying in one of the guest rooms tonight. It's all good. They are jackhammering. I can hear it. I don't even wanna look at what they are doing. I will eventually have to go over there to get my stuff together for my "date" tonight. I think I should take a dip in the pool to clear my head. Oh wait, my suit is in my apartment. Scratch that idea. I need a nap. Gray Kitty sleeps through the jackhammering.

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