Saturday, May 17, 2008


We had a great day "date"! Let it be known that I am NOT dating Mango. If we hang out more than one time around here people start to talk. Let em gossip because I found a great runnin buddy! We started off our day towing Jill's sailboat over to its mooring in Honeymoon bay on Water Island which is the island just next to St. Thomas. After that we buzzed over to Sprat Bay and dove for a little while, we didn't find anything to shoot so we headed for some rock formations on the other side of the bay. Oh my gosh, it was the best snorkeling spot I have ever seen. I wish I had a waterproof camera so I could show you the fish and coral we saw! We also found a Lobster condominium! There were 15 small lobsters all under this one rock but they were too little to snare. We will let them grow up and then we will come back and get em! After diving for a couple of hours we decided to go back to Honeymoon Bay and have lunch. While we were eating lunch Mango's boss showed up and wanted our dingy! It's the company dingy so we have to do what the boss says, turns out he and his girlfriend and her sister and her sister's boyfriend wanted it to buzz over to Hassle island and walk the trail up to the fort that they just cleared. We decided to go with! We explored the main house at the water's edge which used to be a dry dock back in 1867. As we started up the trail we ran into a bunch of national park volunteers who were led a ranger of some kind. They were working on excavating the old yellow fever hospital half way up the mountain. The ranger offered to give us a quick tour of the main building so we agreed. He told us all about the island and the forts and what they were used for. After that we headed up the steepest trail ever in our flip flops and after about 15 mins of climbing we made it to the top. There were amazing views from the top! After resting up we headed down, took the 4 extra buddies back to the dock in St. Thomas and decided to go back to Water Island for cocktails and to catch the sunset. As we drank margaritas I remembered the small conch shell mango brought up for me earlier in the day, no one was inside the shell so I stuck it in my backpack. I reached into my bag and set the little shell on the table so I could take pictures of it. As I flipped it over to take a picture of the bottom side... PEEK A BOO! A crab! There was a damn crab in my backpack all day! It startled me, and I yelled "Mango there is someone at home in there!" So we put him back in the sea. After cocktails we went up the hill to Pirates Ridge where it just so happened to be all you can eat pizza night, stuffed our faces and headed back down the trail to the dingy. But not before we had another cocktail and sat on the beach for a while in the moonlight! How romantic. Bleh! :) It really was a fun day! Now Mango and I have another date for movie night on Monday at water Island, they are showing a movie called Emerald Forest which is about the rain forests in Brazil which is where Mango is from. So that should be fun too. I will get to posting pics...

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