Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi Mom! Happy Mother's day! I love you!
Hopefully the presents will get to you by the time you come visit...

Well, I have had a relatively uneventful weekend. Friday night was a lot of fun, we all went to Caribbean Saloon where I saw tons of people I know and we had the most fun I have ever had at that bar. We watched the Red Sox LOSE, :( we danced, we sang Bon Jovi songs, we consumed massive quantities of beer, and this bartender (name withheld to protect the insane) decided he wanted to be my boyfriend. WHAT? He is very persistent, so I have spent my weekend running away. Actually I was just really tired last night so I didn't go out to watch his band play like I said I would, I feel bad but I just couldn't get my 3rd wind. He's a really nice guy and he pleads a good case, so you never know. He said to me, "Lets just try it out, lets date, you never know what could happen." I replied, "I am crazy and I will ruin your life." he said, "Thats a chance I'm willing to take." How bout that? I just don't know if dating the Bartender at a bar I frequent is such a good idea.....:)

I was just reading Maria's blog and thought I would showcase my surrogate kitty too! Her name is Gray Kitty, and she is the cutest kitty in the western hemisphere! She sleeps with her little wrists bent under her chest and here she has her face in her hands! It's adorable. I just wanna squeeze her.

Sunday funday! I am going to swim in the pool all afternoon!


  1. Persistence can be a good thing... does he have a boat?

  2. haha i dont think so.... he hasnt called and let the phone ring 75 times or anything yet so.... :) we will have to see. meg and i have a date tomorrow night, we decided to eat at the Saloon where he works. she says he has to pass her test before he gets the ok. i love meg!

  3. That kitty is sooooo cute.

    Yeah, does he have a boat?

  4. what do you mean let the phone ring 75 times... I think your dad did that. I was mowing or something and didn't stop, thinking the phone would quit and they would call back.... he just let it ring! He probably went to the crapper.