Sunday, May 11, 2008

In other news...

The volcano on Montserrat is erupting, well its always erupting, but the past week we have been getting the ash cloud for a week. It makes it really hazy and some days you could actually see the ash on the surface of the water while snorkeling. If the wind blows the right direction we get ash. Ha!

This other picture is what I am looking at right now as i sit outside. In the caribbean its like, everything is so colorful! Take this bush for example, it's purple! And lets throw in some green vines for character.

Oh and this is the pineappe thats growing outside my window. :)

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  1. I used your blog to calm an angry 6th grader today. They love looking at the pictures, too bad they can't read... wouldn't they get an education then! Too bad you can't be here for Career Day Monday.