Thursday, May 15, 2008

OH by the way...

The camera is back from vacation in St. John and I bought a new usb port for my pic card for 3.50 at radioshack yesterday so new, yes new pics will be arriving here and on the picture blog soon! Thats right, $3.50 us dollars. It was on sale. I love my life. This is a pic of my "tan" legs I am wearing mukluks with a sarong... so-wrong yet so right. Welcome to the pointless picture adventure!


  1. look at my daughter's skinny tan legs.... B-utiful! No wonder the guy is hot for you!

  2. the guy is lame. no call, i guess he changed his mind! ha! i will stick with hanging out with people named Mango and Billy Bones. They are much more fun and non dramatic. :)