Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tomorrow, I am going spearfishing!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I am so excited! Mango is taking me freediving/spearfishing, we are going to catch lobster! This will be my first time spearfishing and I am just totally stoked!


  1. Awww. Poor lobsters. Even though I have a boat, I still can't bring myself to catch fish or spear things. Breaks my heart.
    I'm such a soppy tosser.
    When Jack, my first crew, wanted to use live bait to catch fish, I said, "There will be no using of live bait on this animal-loving vessel".
    He was like, "It's only fish!"
    He hehehehehehehheheh. I'm such a crap skipper.

  2. Also, when Jack speared a baby stingray, I made him eat it so that the stingray's life wasn't a total waste.
    God, no wonder he jumped fish.

  3. Haha! Well, this will be my first time to attack things underwater. I spend all my days telling everyone how important it is to save our reefs and environment and not to touch the coral or the fish or the barracudda... so we will see how i do. I honestly think I will end up being shark lookout cuz I dont wanna die. :) Mostly I just wanna be able to say "The first time I went spearfishing it was in the Virgin Islands with a guy named Mango." I will post pics.

  4. Not the Mango!

    You will really screw up our vacation if you get nibbled by a shark. I think those swordfish can be pretty wicked, but what do I know being a flatlander.

  5. we dont have swordfish. this is just the only picture of a spearfisherman i could find that wasnt foggy or crap. :)

  6. LOL Mango!!