Tuesday, June 10, 2008

been busy

workin tired. working. working. in between i have been having all night dance parties with brandon. and sometimes i hang out with my "non romantic life partner" AKA Dale my gay boyfriend. damn things are looking up; but i cut my pinky open on the boat today. hope i dont get staph.In other news, my neighbor Warren died yesterday. It was really sad. He was like in his 70's and I talk to him every day. He came and played in the pool every day. He also fed all the stray cats. Now Im not talkin like he fed them leftovers, Im sayin, he made them each their own little plastic bowl of food covered by a piece of tin foil and then he would have them all come over and sit outside his house by his chair and eat dinner. so we always have these plastic pie plates and foil blowing about, but now i guess we dont have to worry about that anymore. so sad. those kittys are gonna die. guess they will have to eat crabs like the rest of the homies. story goes, warren didnt show up for work so they called him, he didnt answer so they went to his house, no answer, got the landlord to open the door, found him slap dead on his bed, shampoo in hand. apparently he was gettin ready for work and just had a heart attack. bad news is he was most of the population of frenchtown's lawyer. dunno what they are gonna do now. honestly I was gonna have him look over my realestate contract when i decide to go on with that. damn. gonna miss him. night night. i can hear the kittys crying. no joke.

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  1. oh gawd. is it just me or can you all see the very obvious half moon shaped BAG under my eye.!??!?! damn. dont deny it.