Monday, June 9, 2008

My friend Brandon's brother's tatoo!

El Chupacabra!!!! I found my soul mate!!!!


  1. If I had to have a tattoo, I'd have a picture of my boyfriend's willy on my tummy.
    Evil roar.

  2. Repeat that again please... your boyfriend's willy or his name is Willy?

  3. I feel terrible about that comment. I wasn't even drunk.
    I should be a better role model for your daughter.
    I popped to this blog today hoping there'd be a fresh post so I could pretend I never left that comment.
    So tonight, buoyed up on whiskey, I came over to apologise.
    Firstly, I am too wimpy for a tattoo
    and secondly
    I wouldn't put my boyfriend's willy there.
    Oh, dear, here I go again. Better go back to my blog before I say something else stupid.

  4. hahahah Maria please never feel like you need to apologize about your comments... my mom loves you and your comments because she knows you are only a grown up "me". she is not offended. :)

  5. She knows me too well Maria... not much offends me other than rudeness.