Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's been a while.

I have been busy with work and stuff, sorry I have left yall in the dark for a while! The week my family spent with me here in St. Thomas was amazing! We had such an awesome time. We rented Jeeps and visited 6 islands! Now it's back to the grindstone around here, work work work. Our newest crew member Sarah is only here for the summer but she is really great, we went out last night to grab some dinner in Red Hook then she wanted to see the other side of the island so we taxi'd over to Havensight and went to Offshore Bar. Things were going fine, I was feeling a little funny like maybe I ate something that was not quite right, but we shared a pizza at dinner so I thought nothing of it. We were chilling on a couch at offshore talking to this guy named Derek who owns the sailboat "Irie", having a lovely time when the door opens and guess who walks in... JOSH. I have never felt anything like what I felt when he walked in, like I was furious but I didn't want to let him see I even saw him, so I'm trying to hold a conversation with Derek all the while trying to ignore/look at Josh because I am just flabbergasted! Derek says, "uh, is everything ok?" I'm like, no sorry and I tell Sarah that's Josh and she blurts out "JOSH?!" really loud, I am mortified. I didn't even want him to know I saw him. I totally felt like punching him in the face and trowing up and crying and stomping around like a crazy person but instead I just went into the bathroom and threw up. I have never done that. It must have been the pizza and the drinks (i only had 3) and the emotions but man I fuckin barfed. I was kind of relieved. So I called a cab and went home. I set Sarah up with my friend Ryan who took her home on his way back to Red Hook. It was an interesting night. I tell ya, I've said it before and I need to start doing it, "I'm never leaving the house again." Unless it's to go to work of course. Oh and Sarah and I went out on Adventurer which is a sailboat like the Fury I worked on in KW, and we had a great time, but we realized that we are underpaid, and we work way harder for less money. Damn, we shouldn't have gone out there. Also I got an offer to bartend at the Mafolie restruant so I may do that a couple of nights a week. Just to mix it up. I know I'm forgetting something but I don't know what.

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  1. That's weird,,, you never throw up at home? Call me, I need help with MY blog! Maria got me part way set up, but I'm having problems and need to talk my way thru it.