Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oh I wish I could move back to Texas today!

I found my perfect place to live! Its in SMITHVILLE! Where they filmed one of my favorite movies, Hope Floats. Its a loft in the tallest building in Bastrop county! So cheap, but where the hell would I work in Smithville???


  1. The apartment is on the top floor, this building used to be the Masonic temple, so I could start my own treasure hunting expedition from there... Oh I wanna move there!

  2. I was looking at the buildings in old downtown Garland Saturday night and was thinking what a good home they would be. Dad told Jeff last night, if we ever mover again we'll not live in a house... he's sick of they yard. I could have a yard up on the roof of something like this... all I need is a deck, umbrella and a chair, I really don't even need a deck.

  3. you should move into the loft in smithville!