Sunday, July 6, 2008

One year ago this week.

Fourth of July week, Me and Jess at the Ghost Bar on the top of the Westin Dallas. When I actually had to dress up to go to the bar, here I can wear cut off jean shorts and a Red Sox hat! Speaking of sports, I think I freak guys out with my knowledge of baseball and UFC. I sat at the bar with Boyfriend number one last night and watched the White Sox and the UFC fight all the while he totally looked bored, like any normal girl would. :) Then he went home early and I stayed on at the bar to hang out with ex boy toy numbers one and two. Inappropriate? I dunno. Thats how I roll. Now I sit at my window, listening to Robert Earl Keen Jr. on my Ipod jukebox, nursing the first hangover I have had in months, talking to the little brown lizard who just came in through the crack in the screen. As my good friend Aron Akord would say, YOU DONT WANT THIS LIFE!!! Ha hahaha!

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