Wednesday, October 8, 2008

BOOP BOOOOOOOOP! The Jolea Train is leaving the station!!!

Once again I fly. I fly alot. I need to enroll in all the frequent flier programs. That's my homework for today! And on a great note, I got my paycheck stuff all sorted and everything has calmed down a great deal since I sent a very very overly nice letter to someone.... Anyway.... I will be rolling out of "Shattle" at 11:30 tomorrow morning and getting to DFW at 7:33pm! Seems like I just left! :) (cuz i did) AND.......... YALL WANNA HEAR SOME GOOD NEWS??? I have a phone interview tonight at 7pm!!! Tee hee hee!!! I love my life.... I guess it does pay to be a good person... and not a total douche bag. Good news for everyone... :) Can't wait till Justin gets home and I tell him the good news, the capt from this other yacht wants to interview both of us!!! :) I gotta stop talking about it! I don't wanna jinx it!!! :))))))


  1. Fingers crossed for you, girl.
    Fingers crossed.

  2. I'm crossing my legs...

    Call me, I can talk now.

  3. I will know by 7:30pm my time!!!