Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WHEW! I am exhausted....

That was the most intense, in depth, thorough, interview I have ever been through. I am mentally exhausted. Usually I go into an interview KNOWING I will get the job. I have never interviewed for a job and NOT gotten it. Well, today was the first time in my life I have ever been nervous after getting off the phone, it's actually the first time I have ever hung up the phone without having a new job... He says " Great interview, I'm just going to check your references and get back to you on Monday." OH MY GOSH. He said I had spelling errors on my resume, and to watch out for that. I CALL BULLSHIT!!! Anyone who knows me knows I am a stickler for grammar and spelling so I knew he was just seeing how I reacted. Only a few mins prior to him telling me this he asked me how I reacted to "constructive criticism" and I told him I handled it just fine. When he said that about my resume I was a bit shocked but I just said "wow. I feel really silly, but thanks man I will take another look at it." Hope that's what he wanted. He went over every single line on my resume and asked every question you could think of. Wanted examples of situations, I can't even think of anything to end that sentence. I am totally exhausted. Amazing. I think I got a million brownie points because when he said "I'll make this quick, I bet you have some cocktails to get to, this being your last night in Seattle and all." and I replied with something about watching the red sox highlights and he just laughed and told me that he was from Boston, I said "well as long as you are a red sox fan we will get along just fine". He really liked that. One mistake I made.... He was asking me if I had my passport, allowed to travel overseas... blah blah blah... "What's your nationality?" without even thinking.... I replied, "Texas".... son of a bitch.... he just cracked up... I started laughing and corrected myself and he said, "no, no, you were right the first time." then went on to ask if I had any drug habits or strange diets, "no. no." He asked, "Do you eat meat?" I said... "were you listening? I said I was from Texas." HHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAA! I think at times like these, my uncle Michael is proudest. :)

Everyone keep wishing on stars and crossing fingers and legs.


  1. by the way.... i checked out my resume after i got off the phone... guess what? no spelling errors... I think he was just testing me.... constructive criticism...

  2. 'Texas'. Ha ha ha ha ha.
    Fingers crossed.

  3. Hahaha I know!!!!! I am such a dork!

  4. Well it is like a whole other country.... You should tell him we are planning to secede from the US, and that your Uncle Michael has been on that committee for almost 40 years. When you told me how old he was the first thing I thought of was your capt. on the fury... the horny skinny kid who made you pillage.

    Everything happens for happens for a reason...

  5. Way to go kid, don't take crap from the non-believers.

  6. Haha I thought about capt chris on the fury the other day, you know Judy is his roomate now?!??!!? Crazy.

    Yeah, I am a little worried about the interview actually, but hey if it doesn't work out my girl at the LuxYachts office in Lauderdale is on the case, she is already sending me other options... :)