Saturday, November 22, 2008


I'm tired. Cranky. Frustrated. Jobless. I re-booked my flight to Ft. Lauderdale. Haven't heard from the Capt. I sent the new and improved resume to. Maybe he thought I was too much of a pain in the ass, too unorganized. My flight to Lauderdale is on December 6th. If I don't have anything before then I will go, stay with Courtney, and try my luck there. At least I know I can get some day work at the marinas or a bartending gig with all the connections I have there. It will be better in some ways because at least I have a chance at bringing some money in, but I will have to pay rent eventually. Here I am bringing zero money in but I don't have rent. I have had some boats interested but they wont even consider me because I am not in Florida. I better get to selling off my stuff. I am going to have a mini garage sale. Get rid of all my apartment stuff. Well, who knows what lies ahead but at least I have a healthy and happy family.


  1. Dear Jolea,
    You don't know me but I read your comment on the Doublereef Blog and thought you should know. Daniel Taylor who writes that blog is a bit of a twisted character who has worn out his welcome on pretty much every sailing related internet forum that there is. He is banned from posting on CSBB, discouraged from posting on the SCCA forum, has been tossed off the Sailing Anarchy Cruising forum (do you know how hard it is to be tossed off of Sailing Anarchy?) and "uninvited" from a host of others.
    Anyhow he is hardly anything he claims to be which has been proven or revealed numerous times by numerous people who have grown tired of his online antics.
    There is even a parody blog in "his honor" for the sole purpose of exposing what a charlatan that he really is.
    In closing you should understand that he has more identities on the www than even he can keep track of often posing as his wife Debbie, a woman named Gail, Tillerman, Doctor Electron, Salty Waters, etc.etc.etc.
    Now I think you stepped into his Doublereef site just after he had reopened it after posting as his wife stating that her husband had committed suicide. When you walked in to "the Stalker" thread you played right into his hands giving him some sort of perceived credibility that he had been justified in his actions of covering up this bizarre post about having died with a story of some fictitious stalker. Please know that none of what he says is true and that he is only using you as a pawn in his sick and twisted games.
    Best regards,

  2. Woo, that doublereef guy is a character. I could tell from a distance, but had no idea of the details. Kicked off Sailing Anarchy? That's like getting kicked out of Al Qaeda for being too radical/suicidal. Just not possible. :)

    Anyhoo, Florida! Woohoo! Kris and I are flying down to Ft. Lah-dee-dah in January for a long weekend. Our plan is a night there, either coming or going, and a hiking/camping trip on Cayo Costa Island. Keep us updated on your progress! We are selling stuff off, too, but we have a longer timeline. Anybody wanna buy a BMW z4?


  3. Thanks for the heads up about that dude, he has been swiftly deleted beacause I have no room for any more crazy in my blog roll, the crazy tank is full! haha!p.s. that post was deleted, nutso.

    G & K, I will keep updating the blog for sure and you guys drop me an email if I am there so we can do lunch!!! :)

  4. Does that lunch include some Mai Tais? If so, you're on!

  5. I really don't think one can do lunch without cocktails. It's just un-American.