Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE Christmas? It's my absolute favorite. I love decorating the house and setting up the tree and my favorite favorite FAVORITE part is when you get out all the boxes from the attic and you open the ornaments one by one. It's like a little surprise in every cardboard box. It's so fun to think back to all the Christmases in the past and I get so happy. One thing I love is when it's dark in the living room and the only light is the tree and maybe the fireplace. I also like to lie down with my head under the tree and look up through the lights and the branches. It's like the prettiest thing in the world. I almost wish I could get a job here for the holidays and stay for Christmas. I missed it last year. I got screwed out of Christmas last year. I was in a strange country, in a strange situation, and it was hot outside. I was in Australia. Although the people I worked for included me in Christmas Dinner it just wasn't the same.

Maybe I will start looking for seasonal work. I can wrap a gift like nobody's business.

p.s. Dad gets his results from the scan he had last week tomorrow. They will tell him if he still has any cancer left. I hope it's gone.


  1. I hope you dad's okay, too.

    Hallso, I like the same things you like about Christmas. I bought some lights the other day and will make Christmas as lovely as possible here.

  2. p.s My lover might visit after all and I have booked us a beautiful trip on the snowy mountains for Christmas day and Boxing day. In a temple. It is so romantic there. He'd better come!!!!!

  3. We didn't even get the stuff out last year because you were down under.... and there was as huge pilla in the middle of the living room.

    We're going to decorate the tree at the school next week while everyone is gone for the Thanksgiving holiday....

  4. Yay! maria that's awesome! He will come visit or I will in his place. No use wasting a good ski trip.... lol!

    Yall are gonna have a great time!

  5. Glad to hear your dad is ok

    I was in Hong Kong recently and they had jingle bells piped into the train stations and it sounded *all wrong* when it was 30C and everyone was eating dimsum

    Christmas should be cold and dark!

  6. Thanks JP, I can't imagine Christmas in Hong Kong, it seems like a different planet!!!