Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've decided...

to wear my jeans tucked in to my rodeo boots today. I'm going to the grocery store with mom in a little bit, hopefully we will run into someone I know... I will tell them I just got back in town from Rodeoing full time and damn my ass is sore. They wouldn't bat an eye at that explaination...

Can I have a cold Lone Star Beer now please?


  1. Thanks! I didn't see anyone i knew, but i did walk through the sliding doors, stop, strike a little pose, shifted my eyes from side to side and said, "I'm lookin fer the man who shot mah pawwww..."

    I cracked myself up at that point as mom noticed the video camera and tv screen broadcasting me as we entered the store...

    i love being a nut. its so fun.

  2. Or you could order a couple of crew shirts that say "Maltese Falcon" and wear them at the same time. Tell them you are a rodeo rider on the Maltese Falcon.

  3. teee heee it's cracking me up reading about it... but what I noticed was how that tv screen made my butt look huge... at first I didn't recognize us! I wanted to buy a tape measure, but I was afraid it could have been true.

    And Heather... she has tons of yacht t-shirts with their huge pictures on them...