Tuesday, November 18, 2008


MY IPOD IS FROZEN!!! WTF?!?!!! SERIOUSLY! This ipod is like my life blood when I travel, work, ride the bike, clean, DO ANYTHING! What am I gonna do??!?!?! It was fine yesterday when I used it, then just a few mins ago I plugged it into my computer to sync some new music to it and... nothing... iTunes didn't even recognize that it was pulgged in. I looked at the screen, which lit up, and it was just showing the last song I played yesterday, Red Hot Chili Peppers :Californication if you were wondering. And it shows that it is "locked" even though it's not. The screen is lit up and wont go off. I am hoping it will run itself out of batteries then I can charge it and it will be ok. I doubt it. I have to take it to the mac nerd store so they can "hack into the mainframe" or something. Shit this pisses me off! That's like the second most expensive thing I own! (not counting that Louis Vuitton wallet I bought when I was 18 on my Neiman Marcus card... what a joke.) So now I am stuck listening to my music on my mac which doesn't have loud speakers... whatever. I blame the ghost for this too.

In other GREAT news, I called the Captain of Avalon yesterday, he didn't answer, I left a msg and he hasn't called back. I got in the shower a bit ago and thought, I bet he will call when I am in the shower. When I got out I had a missed call! It was from my aunt Nita, her message said "just wondering if you heard from that captain yet" HAHA!

In productive news, I am going to get my eyes checked today for the first time in like a year and a half or so, it will be nice to see again. I have been wearing one contact for a couple of days now and it's really hard to read all your blogs like I do. My eye Dr is great! Dr. Mike Phillips! He is so funny, he knows what I do for a living and is always really nice when I come to him like, the day before I am leaving to go off to some crazy land, he gives me extra freebie contacts if he has any in my prescription lying around. He also says I am a freak of nature (not in those words) because I never take my contacts out, ever, and it doesn't hurt my eyes. I HATE taking my contacts out and putting them in, I always had more problems with them when I did that than now, I only take them out when they irritate me which is almost never, I just pop a fresh pair in when they get scratchy or every month. it really cuts down on clutter too... I dont have all that contact soulution or all those little contact cases scrambling around in my bags. So I am happy I get to go see Dr. Phillips today. If you are ever in the Dallas area and need a good eye Dr. look him up. His office is in Plano, TX.

I got some new jeans this weekend and I am so happy! The only reason I got a new pair is because my old favorites ripped where the back pocket is sewn to the jeans near the buttcrack area, I go commando so it's not a good thing to have holes in the ass of your jeans. So, I am wearing my new Wranglers and my old yellow boots, which I love, I have had them since Freshman year of college. So thats like, 6 years. They need new soles soon. Don't we all?


  1. Too weird. My contacts were just driving me nuts and I was just starting to read this post when I decided that it was time to change them. Done. Now I can see again.

  2. I really need to get contacts cos my eyes are fucked this year.
    Will do so this weekend.
    Actually, I should have been wearing contacts since 2006 but well, they fell down the back of the washing machine in Kyoto and then I kept getting drunk on margaritas and forgot about my bad eyesight but really, really need to get contacts, so will.

  3. Well it kind of sucks when you have to wear reading glasses over your contacts...
    Things you youngens have to look forward to when you get our age.

  4. I'm saving up for Lasik... When I am a rich yachtie... That's my christmas present to myself next year.