Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today's recipe: Taco Soup.

I am creating Taco Soup.

Texan's have something called a "Mexican Food Tank", and when our tank gets low, we get cranky. My tank is low.

I am starting with about 1 pound of ground beef. Or 2 pounds, I dont know, just brown up some beef.

I am using the crock pot again for maximum flavor enhancement.

I will add about 2 ounces of taco seasoning to the browned meat and simmer for about 15 mins so the flavors really get in there. (I am using a shot glass for measuring)

Throw the meat in the crockpot, add a can of whole kernel corn (drained), a can of whole pinto or black beans why not both???(drained), a cup of grated cheese. Add a can of Rotel if you want to spice it up, around here, I don't dare add anything with color or Dad won't touch it.

I figure I will just simmer that on low till dinner time. A few hours at least. I will let you know how this experiment works out.

Also you should have some tortilla chips around to serve with it.



  1. MMMmmmmmmm....
    Sounds good.
    Sort of like my Mexican Chili - I add a bunch of different kinds of beans.

  2. Your mum is living like a Queen with you around.
    Thanks for the cats. Ha ha.

  3. They are freedom kitties. I have to do SOMETHING sitting around here all day. I just keep on rummaging through the pantry and the cabinets looking for something to create! :)

  4. I don't know what I'll do when I have to come home and cook dinner... it sure is nice, and walking in tonight smelling that soup was like a load off my shoulders.