Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

I had my interview with Camper & Nicholson, the biggest Mega Yacht Charter and Management company in the world! It went great! My agent there sent my CV to four yachts this morning! She was super nice and helpful. She said there are a ton of crew walking around there that can't get work, so it's a good thing that I am here at home. That being said, I probably wont go to Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday. Grrrrrrr! This is so frustrating.

I have given up on S/Y Avalon, obviously that guy isn't calling me back.

I still have hope for the 112' M/Y White Star based in Lauderdale, I got a call from my Crew 4 Crew agent yesterday and she said I should hear from the Captain soon.

I am not pursuing the Bristolean. I just don't feel it.

I also emailed Capt. Sean about the 145' motor yacht that he sent my CV to, he said the Capt of that yacht was starting to sort through CV's yesterday and for me to give it a week and I should hear something.

And now I have another 112' motor yacht that is doing the winter in the Caribbean and summer in the Mediterranean or New England, a private 164' yacht, and a charter 165' motor yacht and a charter 196' motor yacht that my new Camper & Nicholson yacht agent sent my CV off to.

Somethings gotta give.

In other news: Dad goes in for his first radiation today. Hopefully it goes well.

A big Tuesday Howdy to:
Manhattan, NYC!!!
London, England
The island of Malta, off the coast of Sicily
and Perth! In western Australia!

What a diverse new group of people!!!


  1. Hello from Hawaii, just 2 more days and i head back to seattle :-( i am keeping my fingers crossed for you. your positive outlook is to be admired.

  2. Hi Corrinne! Enjoy your last days in Hawii, I heard from a friend in Seattle refer to the weather as the "sucxor" I think that means it sucks really bad...

  3. Good luck with those interviews - I'm sure something will turn up